I developed multiple projects and collections with Digital Renderings and Technical Specifications in order to showcase my CAD capabilities. 

All renderings and technical specifications were created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CC. 



Realizing that there were very few ways a commuter could stay safe while still feeling fashionable, I developed the Commuter Backpack. 


With current safety gear, it is difficult to ride the line between being safe and staying stylish. People tend to skip wearing a helmet or reflective vests simply because these items are less aesthetically pleasing. 

User Needs: 

1. The user wants to safely commute through traffic, without their appearance having to “scream” safety. 

2. The user wants a place to easily hold onto their bike lock while not in use.

3. The user wants to be seen at night without wearing a reflective vest.

4. The user wants to be able to commute through the rain without getting their belongings wet. 


1. Give the user a backpack that uses reflective materials, LEDs, and rainproof covers, in a stylish and approachable way.

2.  Add a strap onto the front flap where the user can hang their U-lock while not in use. 

3. Create a custom shaped LED panel display on the front pocket that can be turned on or off.

4. Create a hidden pocket behind the straps where the user can pull out a rain cover to synch around their backpack while biking through the rain. 

Men's Accessories


Inspired by two of my favorite locations in San Francisco: Hayes Valley and The Sunset District, I developed a mini collection of five panel hats and durable backpacks in three color ways.